So you want to sell your honey?

Extraction and Processing of honey are two different activities. Under Florida law extraction of honey does not require a permit from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Food Safety. If you bottle the honey it is considered processing the honey and you need a permit. The application can be found at

Recent State Legislative action has defined Cottage Foods, and certain amounts of honey may be bottled without a permit. The FDOACS has published this brochure in September 2011

The University of Florida IFAS Extension Office has information for Honey House construction.

The Florida Statutes that govern the processing and sale of honey are the Food Statutes, Chapter 500.

The State of Florida has adotped a honey standard and it is defined in the Florida Administrative Code 5K-4.027 

Federal labeling laws define how to label your honey, the guidance for labeling can be found at
For information on building a Honey House start here

This is not legal advice from the BPC. Contact the Florida Division of Food Safety and your local County and City agencies to get the details.